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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

Road Safety

Road traffic accidents, and the resulting injuries, are a major public concern. Also the speed of traffic in residential roads is a major worry for many people. Until a couple of years ago, Bromley had a long list of roads where traffic calming had been requested, typically by local residents, who were often more concerned by perceived than actual risks of accidents in the roads. There were always more locations where treatment was requested than funds available. As to which area got priority was often based on political preference rather than objective merit (there was a points system in place but it was not clear that the result was fair).  Despite considerable expenditure on wide area traffic calming schemes with multiple speed humps, Bromley's accident statistics were not falling.

Why? Because many of the schemes such as that in Watts Lane and Manor Park Road in Chislehurst were based more on "gesture" politics than real evidence of it being a high risk accident area. Cost effectiveness of such schemes (ie. how many lives you might save for a given amount of money) was rarely taken into account. Following objections by B.B.R.A.G., council policy was changed to concentrate expenditure on the most accident prone parts of the road network and since then accidents have fallen in Bromley, unlike other parts of London where figures have not improved. B.B.R.A.G. continues to campaign for practical, cost effective measures to improve road safety and cut the accident statistics.

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