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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

Membership Information

B.B.R.A.G. campaigns on those issues of concern to members, and is happy to advise or assist anyone who is concerned about any traffic, transport or road safety issues in the borough. We make numerous representations to local, regional and national bodies on transport matters that are of concern to our members. As a BBRAG member you will receive a copy of the ABD London Region Newsletter approximately bi-monthly which contains news on transport issues in London which is also sent to London region politicians (councillors, MPs, etc) and other local "movers and shakers" such as council staff. Membership of B.B.R.A.G. is free - all you have to do is request it.

The Newsletter can only be supplied in electronic form  to new members (via email as a PDF document which can be read by the free Adobe Acrobat reader). Apart from saving B.B.R.A.G. significant costs in printing and postage, you will gain a number of advantages such as seeing the pictures and diagrams in colour and being able to click on the internet links to go directly to the referenced information. The Adobe Acrobat reader can be downloaded from www.adobe.com/products/acrobatYou can pass it on to anyone else without charge.

To join B.B.R.A.G. simply send an email by clicking on Contact with your full name and address included therein, or <click here> for an application form.

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