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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group


Fewer Humps, Fewer Accidents, published October 2004   

The recently reported London accident data for 2003 actually demonstrate very clearly that those boroughs that stopped further expenditure on speed humps a couple of years ago managed to reduce accidents more than other boroughs. Both Bromley and Barnet improved their accident records over the year 2002 much more than other London boroughs, presumably because instead of wasting money on speed humps they actually spent it on other road safety measures. Consider the table below, where those boroughs are compared with Camden, who are great fans of humps, and Lewisham a neighbouring borough to Bromley and where they are still installing humps.  

Percentage change in accidents from 2002 to 2003 (KSI= Killed or Seriously Injured) 



All casualties













All Boroughs



Of course the figures also refute those people who foresaw a deluge of accidents in Barnet after the humps were removed. In reality Barnet was still better than the average London borough in reducing road accidents.